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employees enjoying their corporate BBQ catering in Bucks County, PA

With over 25 years of experience, Qcrew BBQ has become a workplace favorite. This is not only because of our unique offerings and delicious foods, but because we work hard to understand the nature of your event.

The workplace can mean many things (office, factory, warehouse, school, construction site, etc). The catering advisers at Qcrew understand that means that our different workplace clients have different expectations when they look to cater. For example, catering needs for a marketing meeting will be different than when organizing a “lunch and learn” or when celebrating a milestone or a colleague. You can rely on our experience and expertise to provide exactly what your event needs.

Combine our workplace expertise with our unique style of food (so delicious and abundant, served on time and within budget), and it easy to see why we will become your BBQ caterer!


We have created some terrific menu options with quick and easy ways for you to order. We then deliver and set up all of your favorite BBQ selections on time for your Office Training, Safety Luncheons, Sales Meetings, Client Visits etc…

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For decades we have have built a reputation throughout NJ as a premier BBQ caterer for company picnics and BBQ’s. Numbers don’t scare us! We have fed thousands of people in all types of company events over the years. So if you have fifty–or five thousand–let Qcrew BBQ serve your crowd. We are fully compliant, insured and built to please…

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