What to Look for in a Workplace Catering Company

The many elements that frame a modern workplace require constant attention and improvement. The effort to minimize turnover, recruit employees, improve communication, and stimulate workplace culture — to name a few — can take something as seemingly minor as a hot meal.

What, were you expecting a more complicated, in-depth solution?

Think about it; what’s a great incentive for new employees? What time of the day do your employees converse with one another the most? What benefit can you provide that will support the culture of your workplace? A fresh, delicious, and mouth-watering meal from QCrew BBQ can help create an environment full of engaged and productive employees. Other benefits of workplace lunches include:

  • Builds relationships
  • Improves employee retention
  • Promotes healthy eating habits
  • Cross-department collaboration
  • Improves company morale
  • Feeds your hungry employees

While we are often recognized for catering classy BBQ wedding receptions in Bucks County, PA, our QCrew team also specializes in workplace catering services. Whether you’re interested in providing lunch for your employees or hosting an office party, you need to trust a professional workplace caterer to meet all of your needs. Here are three essential things to look for in the right workplace caterer:

Capacity — You’re already making your employees happy by providing them with a free lunch. Don’t spoil things by potentially running out of food. Sure, that local pizzeria has perfected the cheese to marinara ratio over that thin crust everyone loves so much, but can they handle an order for your entire company? That style of restaurant has to split their time and attention between walk-ins and delivery. If you’re ordering lunch for your whole workplace, you need to hire a catering company that can prepare large orders that are actually fresh. 

Our team will cater a variety of workplace and corporate events without compromising taste, quality, or quantity. When you hire QCrew for a workplace lunch, you won’t have to worry about portions running low. We prepare enough food based on your headcount and budget so that no one is excluded from tasting our savory BBQ dishes. 

Professionalism — Being professional is necessary for the long-term success of practically any business. When you hire a catering company, you should never settle on this essential quality. If you work with amateur caterers, you’ll likely be sacrificing all of the other qualities a professional caterer should possess, and you’ll risk ruining your event. Check out the infographic below to see what constitutes a professional catering company:

Cost — No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, the cost of your caterer will play a big role in whether or not they’re right for you. When it comes to workplace catering, however, cost becomes even more important because you have a whole company to feed. Even if it costs you a little extra each month, there’s no denying the benefits that workplace catering provides. There are certainly ways to remain cost-effective in your efforts to provide workplace lunches. Here at QCrew, we work within your budget so that you can still get all your favorite BBQ meals at a price that works best for you.   

Experience — An experienced catering company understands your workplace catering needs and how to fulfill them. With skilled chefs behind each dish, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that your employees will get nothing less than a mouthwatering meal every time. At QCrew, we set a high standard for quality office party catering in Morris County, NJ and beyond. Whether you’re celebrating an employee birthday, retirement, promotion, or holiday, turn to our expert caterers to handle the job. 

Our experienced catering company uses the appropriate tools and equipment required to accommodate a large-scale event. We also provide the finest quality of food to ensure that our clients always leave satisfied.

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