Why is Wedding Catering So Expensive? A Look Inside the Industry

A Look Inside the Industry

When preparing for your big day, reality soon hits you in the face when you realize that you, in fact, cannot have it all. However, things like your videographer, photographer, DJ, and catering are all key wedding details you should certainly splurge on. There are fundamental qualities most wedding caterers possess that you shouldn’t have to compromise when you’re in your search; however, it’s essentially these qualities that can make them so pricey.

What sets an exceptional wedding catering company apart is their dedication to put the same level of detail into each of their clients’ weddings — minus the exorbitant price tag. Let’s take a look at what tends to make wedding caterers more expensive then you might expect:

Event Staff

Weddings are typically larger events, which require more hands on deck. When preparing for a wedding, catering companies will hire more experienced staff to work a wedding than any other event — a staff that understands the nature and flow of a wedding event. This staff typically arrives well before your reception starts and stays there long after the last dance. These valuable employees need to get paid a respectable wage or they might end up working for another company who respects their fundamental skill set. For an event to go smoothly, a solid staff makes all the difference.

Kitchen Staff

Due to the volume of weddings, most caterers bring in food service professionals who are schooled on how to prepare and present food for large events. Caterers are required to follow strict food safety regulations and must take the allergies, restrictions, and dietary concerns of all guests into careful consideration. In such cases, not only do they have to make sure that the appropriate amount of food is served for guests, but that the quality of the food is not compromised.

Preparation and Presentation

Wedding caterers are experts at creating delectable menus for each and every event. For a wedding day menu, it would be fair to say that every aspect of the menu must be presented with an elevated standard that is not necessarily expected with other catered events. Therefore, the preparation and presentation of the various courses of a reception menu will most likely take more time overall. In addition, to create the feel that most would expect often requires unique equipment, props, serving vessels, etc. This too might explain a higher price tag.

Event Support and Customer Service

With a wedding reception, there tends to be a great deal of extra detail and planning as opposed to other catered events. Even if an event is considered to be simple or “casual,” the caterer will take many phone calls, texts, and emails while supporting a client’s needs. Administrative duties such as contract and menu proposals often require numerous revisions and follow ups which can be very time consuming. Then, there are live meetings, site visits, site plans, venue coordination, vendor coordination, and timeline management — all of which have a time/cost factor.  

All the above combined will ensure the entire catering aspect of your wedding runs seamlessly. Realizing this, you can decide to say “YES!” — not only to the dress or to your soon-to-be lifelong partner, but also to one of New Jersey’s best — QCrew BBQ Catering Company. The difference is that when you call Qcrew BBQ, you’re getting everything you would expect that a fine catering company provides, but at a fraction of the cost. We understand that most couples are confined within a certain budget, which is why our services offer affordability without compromising quality. While there are countless catering options to choose from, no other company treats your wedding day with the same level of care, consideration, and urgency. In addition, the food is fantastic!

Your special day deserves to be distinguished with a unique and imaginative experience — that’s where QCrew sets the standard. From start to finish, we deliver high-quality catering services with a touch of rustic class and comfort, all while offering an insanely good BBQ-style menu. Time and again, our menu has helped us gain the reputation as the area’s leading provider of authentic, home-style BBQ cuisine. Our company stands out from the herd — after all, there’s caterers, and then there’s QCrew. Give us a call at 908-731-6900 and let us to be a part of your special day!

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