The Key to an Affordable DIY Wedding: The Right Caterer

Are you planning a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) wedding? These types of ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular as more and more couples want to have even more control over many aspects of their wedding — and in particular, the costs. You might think that actively managing each facet of wedding planning would keep costs to a minimum. Yet, so many couples are surprised to find that after months of exhausting work, they arrive at their wedding day with very little savings despite all of their frugal efforts. 

To get a better understanding of how you may expect to slice up your wedding budget, we’ve created this pie chart outlining how each dollar spent, on average, gets divided up:


Average Wedding Cost Breakdown

Since our expertise is catering, let’s take a look at that portion of the average budget breakdown. It’s an expense typically undervalued early on in the wedding planning because, unlike the venue where you see what you’re paying for upfront, there are several “moving parts” invisible to you when it comes to catering. You can sit down for a tasting, but what does that really tell you about how the food will be on the day of the wedding, or what goes into its cost?

Qcrew BBQ Catering: Affordability & Great Taste


At Qcrew BBQ, we understand that the food is a guaranteed topic of discussion at any wedding; whether that involves your guests singing the praises of a tasty takeaway or lamenting the drawbacks of subpar sustenance. You might think your only options are to cough up a small fortune or be subject to disappointing your wedding guests — but we encourage you to think again! 

With our BBQ Wedding Menu, you’ll be able to provide affordable, abundant, delicious food that your guests won’t stop raving about! We’re quite proud of our credentials: culinary professionals with decades of experience on staff, a crew that’s personable and easy to work with, countless 5-star reviews about what we dish up, and reputable local caterers for weddings near Mercer County, NJ, and beyond. Not only do we deliver fantastic catering and stellar customer service, but we also offer wedding menus that come out as low as $22.95 per guest!

BBQ may not have been at the forefront of your mind when deciding what kind of food should be catered at your wedding. But if our experience and modern ceremony trends are any indications — it’s extremely popular with DIY events, particularly barn and rustic weddings. In addition to classic BBQ favorites, we have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. With Qcrew wedding catering, the pie chart for your wedding can look like this:

Average Wedding Cost Breakdown With Qcrew BBQ Catering

Your Savings: 11%! That’s more than $1,000 on a $10,000 wedding!

Additional Ways to Stick to Your Budget

With Qcrew BBQ at your side (and with sides!), you can rest assured we’ve got the catering portion covered. Here are a few other creative ways to keep your wedding expenses down:

DIY Decorations

From the welcome sign and seating chart to the menus and centerpieces, only you know exactly how everything should look and feel on your big day. By designing your own wedding decorations, you save big time and fall in love with the final result.

Paperless Save the Dates

Many free and paid services allow you to create customized email invitations, and unlike paper save the dates, you can even add music and photo galleries to your message when you do it online! 

Tap Into the Talents of Friends & Family

Enlist the help of your support system. Perhaps one of your friends loves to bake, or maybe one of your family members fancies themselves a photographer. Maybe you know a few members of a local band you’d like to perform for you and your guests on the big day. Reach out to those around you, save a few bucks, and make the wedding even more unique and personal! 

Want to know even more about how we can help you with your BBQ wedding reception in Somerset County, NJ, or the surrounding areas? Contact Qcrew today!

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