How Food is Used in the Workplace

Your employees and staff work hard every day to maintain an efficient and productive workflow. As dedicated as they are to their job, 40+ hour work weeks can really burn you out. Small gestures that show employees they’re appreciated can go a long way. There are so many ways to celebrate your employees and boost company morale — like free lunches! 

When daily work piles up and deadlines are nearing, it’s easier to skip out on lunch to ensure work gets done. However, skipping lunch can negatively impact productivity and leave your employees with rumbling stomachs. Get business lunch catering in Mercer County, NJ, from QCrew BBQ Catering Co., and encourage your staff to take healthy breaks. Here are some examples of how food is used in the workplace:


Food and fluids are what our bodies need to perform. Catering meals for your employees can help them stay fueled and focused. You can schedule catering for:

  • Office luncheons
  • Trainings
  • Meetings


Catering lunches to celebrate employees is a great way to make them feel recognized. Check out this video to get some ideas for when to treat your employees:


It’s no secret that rewards are major motivators. Providing a complimentary catered meal for your employees is a great way to make them feel appreciated and lets them know you recognize their hard work. You can use food to reward:

  • Common goals met (Safety, sales targets, new clients signed, etc.)
  • Shift workers & holiday workers
  • Specialty teams
  • Industry rep visits


Depending on the industry in which your company works, it’s becoming more and more common to go a full day without conversing with your coworkers or employees. We understand that work gets busy, and that’s ultimately the priority. It’s important, however, to reconnect with your employees. Connecting with one another is an integral element of success and growth. You can do this by offering: 

  • Company Picnics
  • “Friday” Lunches
  • Catered Holiday Parties

Providing company meals is a great way to promote healthy eating habits, keep employees focused, and ultimately increase your bottom line. There’s nothing better than getting back into “work mode” after having a delicious BBQ meal. Our company is equipped to handle small and large orders, so whether you’re looking to reward office staff or you’re searching for a barbecue wedding catering company in Bucks County, PA, place your order today by calling 908-731-6900.

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